20 Tips to Help your child to
**Dinner without Drama * Tea without Tantrums**
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20 tips to help your child to
Inside this Guide...
  • Are you tired of coaxing, begging and cajoling your child at mealtimes just to try to get some goodness into them?
  • Did you know that some common foods may be making things worse?
  • Could you spot the difference between a picky eater and a child with an eating disorder?
  • Would you know where to get help given that  GPs are not routinely trained in nutrition?
  • Would you like to know how complementary and alternative therapies can help improve metabolism and strengthen a child's sense of taste to make them enjoy the flavour more than they dislike the texture of food?
  • Plus many creating tips and tricks to bring the fun back to mealtimes and help you 
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After 1 year of taking me:

71% of children and teenagers were consuming less fast food and soft drinks. Adults 72%

89% were more aware of their health. Adults 90%

71% were drinking more water. Adults 75%

61% were eating more fruits and vegetables. Adults 71%

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