Meet Simone, your Chief Health Officer

Is your Health an asset or A liability?
Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Health Problems for Business Owners and Senior Managers

Simone Buehner
Director 360 Health Consultancy Ltd

Being a business owner is exciting yet bewildering; intoxicating yet infuriating; perplexing yet enlightening; exhausting yet exhilarating but all these highs and lows come at a cost: your health.

Your health is the single biggest asset you have as a business owner, yet it is probably the one thing you most take for granted.

I'm Simone Buehner, your Chief Health Officer (CHO) and I'm here to keep you on your health A-game so that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.
STEP 1: Get Your Health Balance Sheet
My Health Balance Sheet

We have the R.E.C.I.P.E.S. for your success...

...but do you have the INGREDIENTS? 
Take this 5-minute survey to get your free personalized report which will give you an overall score and a rating of 'asset', 'average' or 'liability' in each area along with recommendations on how to improve your score.

Each of these areas will simultaneously be impacted by and have an impact on your business successes.  

  • Resilience: your ability to process and adapt to stress at work
  • Energy: do you exude vitality and stamina in meetings?
  • Cognition: can you show off your mental agility in negotiations?
  • Immunity: are you the one with ZERO sick days because you don't need them?
  • Physical Health: does your posture and appearance demonstrate confidence?
  • Eating habits: do you fuel your boy for success?
  • Sleep: do you get enough good quality sleep and fire on all cylinders at work?
Functional Medicine for Leaders
Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach to healthcare so unlike conventional western medicine which focuses on alleviation of symptoms, we search for the root cause of health problems.  For example, high levels of stress hormones will decrease your digestive hormones, lead to perceptual narrowing so you cannot see choices and options, reduce your quality of sleep, which in turn impacts every other system in your body.  
We interrupt this cycle by creating a functional medicine timeline which will act as our working document to analyse which symptoms began when and what they are leading to.  This will then be transferred to the functional medicine matrix which places symptoms under bodily systems, then the system that has the most symptoms is where we begin to break the cycle of health problems. 

Simone will support you from discovery of the root cause of your health problems through to the recovery phase with a full spectrum of  lab tests you can do at home, diet, supplement and nutrition plans, Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, Meditation and lifestyle medicine.  Each month you will be invited to complete the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire so we can chart the progress of your symptoms and measure the efficacy of the interventions.

Our D.A.R.I.N.G. (TM) Approach to Healthcare


In-depth pre-consultation assessment to produce functional medicine timeline and matrix.  Then 1:1 discovery consultation to delve deeper.


Test don't Guess! Non-invasive lab tests you can do at home. Including hormonal tests, nutrition, digestion, genetic tests, stress analysis and much more.


Graphic representations of your health and lifestyle together with a detailed report on findings and recommendations


Encourage lifestyle changes that can be gradually integrated into your daily life including diet, exercise, meditation, hobbies etc


Personalized nutrition plans, supplements and meditation practices to nourish your body and mind.


Monthly questionnaires will help track your progress to make sure you are heading in the right direction for your long term health and longevity.  This will form the basis of our Guide to sustained recovery.

Step 2: Choose your  R.E.C.I.P.E.S. for Success 
Resilience refers to your body's ability to maintain homeostasis as an entire organism as well as at systemic and even cellular levels.  When examining your resilience, we need to see what is happening behind the scenes because the absence of symptoms gives no indication of how hard your body is working to keep them at bay. unexplained fatigue or weariness, lack of motivation are key indicators that your body is working overtime in this area.
In this context, your energy is not just about your 'get-up-and-go' but also about energy production at a cellular level to ensure that all your body systems have the energy they need to function.  Low energy can be due to many reasons from a lack of sleep through to mitochondrial dysfunction, a high toxic load, insulin resistance or diabetes, hormonal imbalance or genetic predispositions., all of which can be measured using functional medicine testing. 
The ability to think on your feet in meetings, solve problems, remember facts and small details and have a sharp mind are all crucial skills for business leaders, yet this is one of the first ares to be negatively impacted by stress hormones. 
When your innate immune function is good, you will be totally unaware of how hard your body is working to fight off environmental pollutants, viruses, ingested toxins, food sensitivities, inhaled toxins etc.  There are several 'layers' of immune response and we are able to test which ones have been triggered and why, o indeed 'why not' in some instances.
Your physical health is likely to be one of the first things people notice about you in client meetings, negotiations and conferences. Unfortunately, the sedentary nature of many business functions means that a high percentage of business owners are overweight and lacking in mobility and flexibility.  Let Simone and her team work with you to ensure that you can show up looking and feeling like you are on your 'A'-game.
The vast majority of health problems stem from poor gut health due to a bad diet.  Eating lunch at your desk, skipping meals, eating convenience food and snacks  is like putting low grade oil in your high performance car - you would not do it and expect to get the best performance, right?  So why do that to your body and brain but still expect peak performance in meetings?
Everything is made worse when we have poor quality sleep and when our energy levels are low no matter how much sleep we try to get.  There are a great many reasons for this that are identified in a functional medicine consultation and getting to the bottom or yours could revoutionalize your quality of life... and it's not as hard as you may think!

VIP Programme

Rather than choosing one individual 'recipe' to focus on, the VIP Programme is a combination of all of the above that is tailored to meet your specific health  needs, time constraints, dietary preferences etc.

This is an all-inclusive concierge package that includes lab tests, consultations, follow-up appointments, diet and exercise plans.  
What is Functional Medicine?

BBC Interview with Dr Rangan Chatterjee of doctor in the House
Dr Chatterjee explains why he believes that 'lifestyle medicine is the only way to save the NHS". you may recognzie him from the hit series Doctor in the House. 

The Institute of Functional Medicine explains what we do
This video explains what functional medicine is and how we work in partnership with our clients to change their lives for the better. 
The difference between Functional Medicine and Conventional Medicine?
Dr Mark Hymen, Board Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, explains how a functional medicine treatment differs from treatment with conventional medicine. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is functional medicine?
Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease
What does a functional medicine doctor do?
Firstly, it is important to be aware that not all practitioners of functional medicine are conventional western medicine doctors.  Simone Buehner has trained in nutrition, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, physical therapies etc. In the UK we would refer to a 'practitioner' rather than a doctor because the emphasis is on natural lifestyle medicine rather than pharmaceutical interventions, although the latter can be prescribed by colleagues if, as and when necessary.

What happens during a functional medicine assessment?
prior to your initial consultation, you will be invited to complete several online questionnaires that will cover your health and lifestyle history from birth to the present day.  This information will then be collated into an organized timeline which will show us 'peaks' when you suddenly began to experience various symptoms.  As we see these symptoms progress,w e can break it down into what triggered which symptoms.  From there we will put all the symptoms into a functional medicine matrix that shows which of your body systems are most affected.  That will give us an indication of which lab tests to run.  Once all this information has been gathered and organized, you will be invited to your initial consultation which will take at least an hour so we can discuss your 'story', fill in any gaps.  At the end of this consultation, Simone will give you her recommended treatment plan for which tests you need, which diet plan would be best, any supplements, exercises or meditation practices you would benefit from.  At this point you will either book a date to get started on your bespoke programme or you will be able to use the consultation as a stand-alone session and implement the recommendations yourself. 
How do I find a functional medicine practitioner near me?
Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd, is able to offer online consultations and international lab testing facilities.  Please book a free 15-minute discovery call for more information. 
Can I get functional medicine in the UK?
The vast majority of functional medicine practitioners are in the USA, but it is alo common in South Africa.  The UK is still quite a long way behind so there are not many practitioners but it is growing in popularity extremely quickly as people have less and less confidence in conventional western medicine and see that functional medicine is better for prevention and treatment of chronic health problems. 
What can Functional Medicine do for you?
All practitioners of functional medicine believe that prevention is better than cure.  Any 'niggling symptoms' that you may have but that are not bad enough to go to the doctor with are often your body trying to tell you something.  In most cases, people ignore or do not recognize these warning signs until more drastic symptoms force them to go to the doctor.  At this stage, Western Medicine typically treats the symptoms, but not the underling cause, so very often the situation develops into.a chronic health problem that keeps recurring.  Often people put this down to 'getting older', when in reality there is a lot that can be done to slow down the ageing process (or to stop the habits that are causing our bodies to age prematurely). 

Functional medicine can be of benefit in any chronic or long-standing health problem, particularly one that has not responded well to other more conventional treatments.  The reason for this is that we look back through your health from childhood and even pre-natally to see what patterns began to develop and when.  Understanding the progression of the condition even when symptoms seemed to mild as to go unnoticed helps us to get a deeper understanding of how to 'reverse engineer' the imbalance. 
Can functional medicine be used for infertility?
Definitely!  In the UK around 70% of couples are given a diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' but with functional medicine we can get a lot closer to understanding the root cause of any hormonal or emotional imbalance.  A very high percentage of both men and women will stressful jobs or high levels of responsibility struggle with fertility so this is a very common area for functional medicine to address.
Can functional medicine help treat autoimmune diseases?
Yes. There are a great many autoimmune diseases, but the core issue is that the body is mistakenly recognizing its own tissues as harmful, so it gets 'caught in the crossfire' and the body attacks itself. Every autoimmune disease becomes connected by one central biochemical process: A runaway immune response resulting from your body attacking its own tissues.  The functional medicine timeline and matrix are extremely helpful in identifying the key systems that are affected and lab tests can give us excellent behind-the-scenes information about triggers and mediators such as toxic exposure, nutritional deficiencies, genetic predispositions etc all of which can be addressed with functional medicine practices.

Client Testimonials

After struggling with weight problems even in my teens and throughout my adult life, I am really pleased that not only did I lose this much weight in 6 weeks (10kg) but I then lost a further 5kg and now it is 2 years later and I am still well within my ideal weight.  Simone has helped me to understand how to stop yoyo dieting and how to spot the warning signs when I could easily have put the weight back on again.  Simone made me feel proud of myself for everything I achieved rather than ashamed of being overweight as I had been before. I really advise anyone with weight problems to give Simone a call, she will definitely help you!
- Mr M.B, penarth


Acupuncture Cardiff at Barefoot Medicine


Simone approaches her work with great kindness and care, always making me feel comfortable and at ease. Highly professional whilst remaining warm and friendly, I really valued the time she took to get to know me. She listened so well and responded to my own individual needs thoughtfully and thoroughly. On each treatment I have had with her, I have felt I am in very capable and caring hands.

The combination of acupuncture and juice plus supplements has had a very positive effect on my life. I see it as a wonderful ongoing part of my ‘wellbeing toolbox’, not only helping me to maintain my health, but also providing a resource to encourage me to embrace my own self care and motivation to engage in and with my life more fully. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
- Ms M. R. Caerphilly
After several years of excruciating pain, time off work sick, continuously spending money and eventually wondering where to turn, Simone came to the rescue. I can't recommend Simone enough…The improvement was remarkable and I still find it hard to believe that acupuncture could make such a difference when everything else I tried had failed so dismally. If you are suffering… I absolutely 100% recommend you call Simone, she's given me a new lease of life.
- Mr J. H. Cardiff


Acupuncture Cardiff at Barefoot Medicine

(Male and Female)

Simone, we simply cannot thank you enough! Our baby girl arrived safe and sound at 8 lb 6oz.  After 3 years of trying and two failed IVF attempts, we still can't believe she is here. Thank you so, so much for all you have done.

mrs S. W. Newbury
PTSD treatment at Barefoot Medicine


"Of all the many great things that G.H. has achieved for me from the wonderfully supportive RAFA, RAFBF and of course TRBL, in my opinion, the most beneficial thing he did for me initially was to introduce me to you. You know the immediate effect that your treatment has had on me and I'm confident there is more to come! Upon realising and seeing with his own eyes, G.H. took it up with RAFB HQ in Exeter, to put forward a case for further funding for more of your excellent acupuncture, which was granted recently.... 

(3 months later)...

Do you know, I no longer take Loperamide, except maybe 1 a week, instead of daily over the last 5 years!! Amazing and down to you and your incredible skill. Thankyou so much. Generally life is so much better since G.H. introduced you to me.."

- MR k.s. devon
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